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U.N. Security Council Resolution 2334; Israeli Settlements "flagrant violation" of international law, have "no legal validity"

On December 23rd, just two days before Christmas and not even a week ago, the United Nations Security Council did a remarkable thing; it passed the first resolution in some 36 years addressing the illegal and immoral Israeli settlements on Palestinian land, calling these settlements a "flagrant violation" of international law and that they have "no legal validity." The territory in question is that which has been occupied since the 1967 boundaries, as seen in the image below.

Unfortunately, the United States abstained from the vote, but at least the USA did not veto the resolution. There were no "no" votes and only the one abstension. ... You can read up a lot more about the resolution here.

In the days since, we've heard the Israeli Prime Minister denounce not only the resolution, but also the USA and the states that voted for the resolution. Interestingly, while Israel has an on-going campaign against a BDSR policies (Boycot, Divest, Sanction, Ridicule), it decided to futher isolate itself, as documented here.

Of course, all Progressives should support BDSR policies against Israel so long as it maintains an apartheid state situation with regard to Palestinians. Any laws to stop such actions, such as those attempted by Zionists in the USA, are of course deserving of ridicule themselves but more importantly cannot work; there cannot be a law that says someone or some organization must do businss with, much less invest in, any other, and there's no way to stop ridicule when the subject is so deserving of ridicule. ... The only thing such legal efforts might succeed in doing is prevent sanctions, but, then, for good or ill, sanctions aren't within the policy purview of anyone but politicians.

It's surprising there even was a resolution like 2334, and even more surprising the USA didn't veto it. Then to see Israel take actions to knowingly and intentionally isolate itself was nothing short of breathtaking.

Of course, following this, the Zionists are coming out of the wood-work to complain about Resolution 2334 and we would do well to note which these people are elected officials and target them for removal from office. ... It's not much of a surprise that most of such people of which this author is aware are already on the targeted-for-removal list!

In fact, it was a letter from one such individual that prompted this article. I received the following letter this morning in my email in-box from none other than the House Democratic Party Whip Steny H. Hoyer of Maryland, who has a press-release he wanted everyone to know about.

I decided to include some clarifications so EVERYONE can understand exactly what he's saying. My clarifications are mildly vulgar (because it helps make it a lot more clear what they're saying) and are both underlined and inclosed in square braces, [ ]:

Hoyer Statement on Secretary John Kerry's Speech on Middle East Peace

WASHINGTON, DC - House Democratic Whip Steny H. Hoyer (MD) released the following statement in response to Secretary of State John Kerry's speech earlier today on Middle East peace:

"I was reassured to hear that Secretary Kerry today did not call for further action by the Security Council. While not taking further action is important, it's also important that we [the racist, Zionist, evil assholes who support Israeli apartheid] make clear that we do not support actions taken at the U.N. or other international fora by others [because we make money off the current system and because Israel has us by our gonads]. Resolution 2334 will not bring peace closer [we Zionists hope, but it lends support to the Palestinians and that's something we racists cannot abide]. Already, President Abbas is using that resolution to justify stalling peace efforts by Palestinians [along our unilateral terms] and insisting on unilateral steps by Israel [to stop Israel's illegal and immoral activities].

"Secretary Kerry's remarks outlined longstanding American principles that only a two-state solution is a viable one; that Palestinian violence and incitement undermines that goal [and conveniently left out that Israeli violence and incitement are an order of magnitude worse and undermine these goals even more, which is what we Zionist racists want]; that there will be no so-called 'right of return' that would undermine Israel as a Jewish state [because, hey, we Zionists are evil fucks]; and that the government of Israel will also need to take steps for peace [to make things appear fair].

"The question is: how do the parties get there? As I have long stated, negotiations are the only way to achieve a two-state goal [even as Israelis continue to violate all previous agreements and international law]. Resolutions at the U.N. or one-sided declarations that impose preconditions on the parties do not help [the racist Zionists].

"The United States will have a role to play in helping both parties reach the goal of lasting peace [by helping the Zionists prevent the Palestinians from ever having anything until it's far too late and "peace" is kind of meaningless, as it is for North American Natives], even if that involves highlighting uncomfortable facts on the ground, as Secretary Kerry did. Nonetheless, I continue to believe that the U.N. Security Council is the wrong forum for critiquing Israeli policies [because it might someday actually have an effect at slowing them down]. As I have said many times, no solution should be imposed from outside [as was done to save Jews from the Nazis because we Zionists want the Palestinians exterminated], nor should the United States, the United Nations, or any other nation or international organization seek to prejudge any formulation for a final settlement [even though the world has had 50 years to watch what the real dynamics are and peal through the propaganda ...], which must be worked out by the parties themselves [because the Palestinians are in no position to bargain].

"Now is the time for the United States to play a constructive role by supporting Israel in its efforts to reach a lasting peace that brings real security to its people [by crushing forever the Palestinian people]."

To be clear, I am neither against Israel, nor for Israel; I am for the fair and humane treatment of the Palestinian people. ...If I were born Palestinian, I might well act out as some Palestinians have for the simple reason that Israel's treatement of Palestinians is clearly and plainly to ANY objective observer unjust. Those who disagree have their eyes and ears closed; the facts, like the fact of anthropogenic global climate change, are at this point unequivocal.

It seems to me that economics are the only peaceful way to reach anything remotely resembling justice, or just to end the on-going injustice, so therefore I fully support the BDSR of Israel. Please Boycot all Israeli businesses, don't visit there! And; Divest any Israeli holdings you might have (and drop out of any funds you might presently invest in which in turn invest in Israel - and do be sure to tell the funds WHY you are divesting. Push for Sanctions against Israel at every opportunity. And; By All Means, and at Every Opportunity, Ridicule Israel and its policies. Israel should be a world pariah until it cleans up its act and quits its racist and deplorable policies against an entire people.

Remember; "Never Again" should mean "Never Again To Anybody," and that includes Palestinians.

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