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Hillary's Health, Lies and Manipulation

PHOTO: Hillary caughing on stage during the 2016 primary. Source: (Sorry! But it's the right image) National Enquirer.

Am I worried about Hillary's health? No. Do I think Hillary has some well hidden illness? Yes. Over the past few months rumors regarding Hillary's health have been circling the internet, and mentioned on the MSM. Most seem to regard any malady as being nothing other than any 70 year old would encounter while being dismissive of anything more while stating whatever ailments she may have are no worse than the common cold.

Rumors regarding her health entered the mainstream after Hillary slipped, fell, and received a concussion in 2012. The concussion led to a blood clot near her brain which was treated with blood thinners. While frequently stating she has experienced no ill affects, she wore Fresnel Prism glasses for months following her fall, and was seen wearing them as recently as February of this year. Apparently the type of glasses Hillary was wearing at the 9/11 ceremony had Zeiss F133 blue protective lenses. Both lense types are used for the treatment of epilepsy, and stroke patients, and may be beneficial to those with Parkinson's disease.

Finding Zeiss Z1 blue lenses to treat photosensitive epilepsy

Use of fresnel prism glasses to treat stroke patients with hemispatial neglect.

Seizures from video games and other electronic media

We've all seen the video's from the convention where it appears Hillary has a reaction to a bright light, or flashbulbs, that makes her move her head in an unusual way. I thought nothing of this as it appeared to be an over exaggeration of supposed surprise. But, look at the attached video in slow motion, her head turns one way while her eyes turn the other. In real time it just looked odd. Here, it's apparent why she'd now be wearing the Zeiss lenses.

Hillary Clinton Makes the Goofiest Face Ever During DNC Balloon Drop

Now we have the video of her leaving the 9/11 remembrance and her collapse. The sudden release of her doctors excuse of having walking pneumonia doesn't cut it. Walking pneumonia is contagious. Not only did she attend a fundraiser hosted by Barbara Streisand the day before, she was seen hugging a child at a photo op after her episode, and shouldn't have been in a public gathering, shoulder to shoulder with other people.

Walking Pneumonia

In this video you can see an aide with her arms firmly holding Hillary up from underneath her shoulder. This is a manner in which a person aides another who is near dead weight. I've often assisted my wife in lifting patients in much the same manner. Notice how none of her aides seem to panic, they've obviously all seen and dealt with this before.

3 different angles of Hillary collapsing on 9/11

Watching this, I thought she was unsteady, we've seen that all before, right? But then a little stumble. More assistance, a bigger stumble, more assistance, then a total collapse. At this point she's totally surrounded by aides and we can't make out the end result. Could she have fainted brought on by a case of walking pneumonia? It's possible, but that doesn't rule out any other possible illness.

It's not unusual for people of either gender of any age to experience health issues. In fact, I don't think this is a big deal. Why then do I write of this? Because of the cover up. Because of the lies.� I firmly believe should Hillary get "elected" (which I'll always put in quotes) she'll finish her term, hopefully be it four years only. She'll have access to the world's best healthcare. Not what we have, but the same care that's made sure Cheney is still alive and kicking.

Another sure fire way to find the truth of an issue is to see how it's portrayed in the media. Of course the media has been dismissive, but to what extent? Correct the Record has sent it's army of trolls out to destroy anyone and anything that's been anti-Clinton or pro-anyone else. They've established pro Clinton blogs, fake "fact check" sites, and have taken over many previous, supposedly liberal/progressive sites with an influx of funds. Sites such as Alternet, Crooks and Liars (I'll try not to gag), Raw Story, Salon, Mother Jones, Daily Kos, etc" have all fallen under the corrupt DNC/Brock spell, formally known as Cash. A quick review of these sites show a plethora of articles regarding the "falsehoods" pertaining to Hillary's health. Here's but a few.

From Alternet. Extra points for hitting on the sexism card as well. Hillary Powers Through Pneumonia, Because That's What Women Do From C&L. Another twofer. CNN's Kirsten Powers: Hillary Health Truthers Are Sexist Raw Story Michael Moore blasts hateful people

The push back from the moneyed interests have been so strong those who've written of her health issues have been fired from their jobs, banned from twitter, and had their television shows cancelled.

David Seaman was fired from the Huffington Post for writing about Hillary's health, and had to delete his twitter account. Dr. Drew Pinsky, at TV and radio personality, and actual MD who commented on Hillary's health was harassed by Hillary supporters and those within CNN. His show on CNN's sister network HLN was canceled. In credit to Dr. Pinsky, he could have saved his job if he retracted his statements but he refused to do so.

HuffPo Terminates Contributor Over Post Questioning Hillary's Health Dr. Drew Bullied By CNN To Retract Hillary Health Comments Before Firing

The effort put forth to deny these rumors solidifies the fact they are true. It's how the MSM has worked for decades. Do I think having an illness should disqualify someone from being President? No. Can Parkinson's infringe on one's ability to think rationally? It's possible, though most patients are able to control mental health symptoms with the proper medication. Though it would be nice to have a Vice President who would fit into our ideals, and not someone who is more of a neoliberal, neocon, war monger than the Presidential candidate herself - though it would be a tough achievement to be any of those things.

Clinton Collapse: Is Hillary Clinton Going To Drop Out Of The Race For The White House?

Who Would Replace Hillary Clinton If She Had to Drop Out?

President's who have served with an illness or disability include, Andrew Jackson, Grover Cleveland, William Taft, Woodrow Wislson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, and George H.W.Bush. Abraham Lincoln, perhaps the most notable, is acknowledged by historians to have suffered from severe depression.

As this short list illustrates, being ill or having an illness does not disqualify someone from being competent or humane. Both traits that Hillary has not. There are a number of people who have debilitating illnesses, all of whom I'd rather vote for given the chance. Stephen Hawking and Michael J. Fox spring to mind. So it's not the illness that disqualifies Clinton, it's her record. Perhaps, with a bit of luck, we'll be spared the affects her policies would bring about.� We've had enough already.