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Copyright © 2016 - 2021, The Troy Press

The Story of Us

Every culture has a creation story. A story of how they came into being and how their civilization started. This is ours. This is the story of us.

Once upon a time, there was a place known as HuffingtonPost. This was a magical place. Liberals and other political posters lived for the most part in peace and harmony. A strong kingdom was built. That kingdom was known as the comment sections.

Many hours were spent there, frolicking about all day. Rivalries, friendships, and even a few romances sprung up in the Kingdom. All was well until D-Day.

D-Day was when Huffington Post changed its comment section format to that of Facebook. No longer could members of the community post without using their real name. Suddenly, hundreds and thousands of long-term commenters fled because either their anonymity was that valuable or they felt betrayed, or lied to, or a combination of these.

When the Huffingtonpost or other sites take away the ability to post anonmously, they take away people's ability to post without fear of backlash. Many people post anomoyously because they know that if thier political views came to light, they might be penalized by their employer. They might get into fights with thier families and friends. Sometimes losing this vital ability, can even put lives in danger because people have been stalked before on the internet. They want to exercise their right to express their political views without these constraints.

The survivors - those who continued to post online - of were flung to the far corners of the Internet. Some of them managed to get on a lifeboat at the last minute. Some of our posters are long time veterans. They have survived several purges and bannings since that fateful day.

As the Presidential Primary Season heated up, things only got worse. Supposedly "liberal/progressive" sites, began to ban Bernie Supporters in droves. It became the norm for many of our veterans to be banned at three or more sites. Some of these "Liberal" sites shared moderators and people were banned from the site for the "crime" of having been banned at another. Sometimes before they even posted anything.

Eventually it became obvious that Bernie had the primary stolen from him and a combination of grief and depression was topped on the struggle to have a voice.

At last, many of us came upon an island. For a time, the posting veterans thought they had found a new home. Sadly, it was not to be. The owners of that site got into a fight with one of the posters and banished him. But it became guilt by association, eventually many were banned from a site that was supposed to be a refugee for banned people. And, we learned, this was a pattern repeated across vast stretches of the internet.

That is why was created.

It was created to give a lasting voice to liberal and progressive voices that have been squashed during this primary process, a true home.

We also welcome those of other political stripes. Here we will at last be able to gather in peace and discuss the news of the day, while fighting for a brighter future without concern that the ultra-rich will take our home away or that petty personal problems or immaturity will break it apart.

Welcome to Neverland, the Island of Misfit Toys, Oz, or whatever you wish to call it. This is the Story of Us.

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