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I found this article in the Washington Post’s editorial board to be completely shameless. The tone is extremely unprofessional. It is utterly disgraceful and while it’s an editorial, one would think that they could produce a better tone than that of a huffy teenager.

I would compare their defense of Clinton to someone who got a D - on their test, telling their parents that their friend got an F. Even if you take the view that Trump is worse, that doesn’t make Hillary Clinton’s actions GOOD.

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Hillary Clinton has admitted that she made mistakes. It seems like not everyone got the memo. The most generous interpretation that anyone could give about this situation is that Mrs. Clinton is technologically challenged and had no idea what she was doing. That is not particularly reassuring to me because she was Secretary of State and wants to be President. It shows a severe lack of judgment. Good judgment is critical to being a good president.

Is the Washington Post sure they want to get off the email topic? There are many other issues that I’m sure Clinton would just LOVE to discuss further. Let’s talk about the Iraq War. I’ve heard estimates that a quarter million or more Iraqi civilians died, thousands of American soldiers, and tens of thousands more American soldiers came back with physical and psychological injuries. It cost us trillions of dollars, and damaged our credibility in the world. Hmm, maybe the Washington Post is right. We should talk about more than just the emails.

We could also talk about the Keystone Pipeline. You know the Pipeline that she wouldn’t talk about, until the Democratic Primary Debates came up and she realized it was politically advantageous to be against it?

We could talk about The Dakota Access Pipeline. A subject that I don’t think she’s addressed at all. Jill Stein has fought alongside the Native American and other activists who are protesting against this pipeline that is running through their land, against their will - and taking out sacred burial grounds. If I’m not mistaken, they even tore up sacred burial sites to make this monstrosity.

Copyright © 2016 - 2019, The Troy Press

Copyright © 2016 - 2019, The Troy Press
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While Jill Stein was practicing civil disobedience and possibly risking arrest, where was Hillary? She was doing what she always does. She was whining about Trump. Don’t get me wrong, Trump is horrible in my view. But this is not presidential. This is at best high school-ish and at worse reminds me of a middle school kid’s behavior. My apologies to young students. I know that wasn’t very fair.

We could talk about the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership), which Hillary once called the Gold Standard, but is now supposedly against it. While her best friend, Obama, is actively trying to get this passed.

How about we discuss the minimum wage? Remember in the Democratic Primary Debates where she was for $12 an hour, while framing $15 as unrealistic. Elizabeth Warren calculated last summer that if it had been tied to inflation at inception, the federal Minimum Wage would as of last summer been over $24 an hour. And, now she supposedly supports $15.

So Washington Post, if you want to talk about something else other than the emails, go for it. I just don’t think you can handle the truth. Tens of millions of people see her as a horrible candidate. It’s not that Trump is a good candidate, it is just that she also isn’t good. That’s why their disapproval ratings are neck and neck. It isn’t just because of the email. That’s just one of many reasons, why Hillary might actually lose this election to a complete buffoon.

Meanwhile, vote for Jill Stein.

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