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A few weeks ago, Hillary committed perhaps one of the greatest blunders in this campaign season when she said that half of Trump's supporters could be put in the basket of deplorable. Her exact quotes can be found in the article listed above.

Full disclosure, I am not a Trump supporter. I don't think that I would agree with his supporters on much, if anything. But this reminds me of Mitt Romney's infamous 47% remarks. (Mitt Romney once said that 47% of people are dependant on the government and that is why they would never vote for him, this triggered a backlash that some people view as having cost him the election.) However, I believe this to be morally wrong. You can not just call tens of millions of people deplorable, who you have never met.

Hillary has sought to cloak herself in a blanket of righteousness. She is the one who is fighting to protect minorities, women, and other unprivileged groups from prejudice and trying to ensure they get a fair shake. Which is why it is highly hypocritical to turn around and demonize another large swath of our population. Prejudice is prejudice. That doesn't change because you are targeting a group of 'acceptable' scapegoats.

To be clear, some of Trump's supporters are deplorable. So are some of Hillary Clinton's supporters. For instance, I once saw a clip of the Democratic National Convention where the delegates were claiming that Bernie Sanders had no support from minorities. So a 17 year old, Latina student stood up and said that was wrong. The Hillary Clinton supporters harassed this girl until she was literally in tears. I find that deplorable. There are jerks in every political camp.

Now as for the other half of Trump's supporters, Hillary wasn't much more charitable to them either. She basically said their financial situation had frightened them into supporting Trump. From my view, that looks like pity at best. If only they weren't so frightened and stupid, surely they would support her'is the implication from where I sit.

Hillary has since 'apologized.' She said that she regrets saying half. Then she went on to continue demonizing Trump supporters. It might not be half of his supporters, but well a lot of Trump's supporters are just horrible people. She's going to fight racism, sexism, Islam phobia, and bigotry by doing the exact same thing towards groups of people who are "politically correct punching bags."

Is this really the type of person we want to be president? Do we want someone who dismisses tens of millions of people simply because they don't support her politically? Why does Hillary Clinton want to be president of a country with so many deplorable people anyway?

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