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The Third Presidential Debate Madness


The Third Presidential Debate Madness

Let's compare the two candidates.

Trump's only achievements are being born into a wealthy family, running his mouth, and somehow duping the Republican Party into thinking he was a serious candidates. He has committed the unforgivable sins of calling people mean names and sexually harassing people. He is also in favor of killing the families of "bad guys" and torture, even if it doesn't work. (But somehow his "locker room talk", is what may be sinking his campaign.)Oh and let's not forget he mocked John McCain for being a POW (prisoner or War) and a grieving military family. His campaign was built on a foundation of racism. He wants to "build a wall" and keep out Muslims. Whether or not he is actually a racist or just pandering to them, is irrelevant to me.

Hillary Clinton's only achievements are marrying Bill Clinton, being born a woman, not being Trump, and somehow convincing "Liberals" that it's okay to be pro fracking, for the TPP, a war mongerer, and that she is a champion of of the oppressed despite her being buddies with Saudi Arabia and not supporting marriage until 2013. Oh and there was that little thing about her supporting the Crime Bill which is responsible for locking up millions of Americans, mostly African Americans for nonviolent crime. She also mocks Trump for not believing in Climate Change, while she has promoted fracking and told environmentalists to "get a life." She also thinks that having a public and a private position, is acceptable. That's right. She built lying into her strategy.

Thank you "practical" Americans. You are the ones who will vote for anyone with a D or an R by your name. You are willing to accept either a warhawk or a clown as your president, because you just didn't have the guts to fight for anything better. Most likely either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will be president. You will have to look your children and grandchildren in the eye and explain why you rolled over and played dead in the face of evil, Clinton, or stupidity, Trump. I'm voting for Jill Stein 2016. I"m going down fighting. But let's all have some fun as we watch the Democratic and Republican Parties destroy what little dignity they might have had left. Welcome to the Debate!

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