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Copyright © 2016 - 2019, The Troy Press

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What is the Progressives email list?

The e-list is a collection of e-mail addresses managed by TheTroyPress. When a user sends an email to the list-address, the message is forwarded to all list members, so everyone receives the same email message.

Because we have chosen the "anonymous" feature, senders email addresses are removed, so, those who wish to reply to a message will be replying to the whole list, and everyone benefits from the interaction. In this way, the whole community is served.

Is my anonymity protected?

YES. As we're discussing political topics, many people are sensitive about who they share their political views with. Therefore, this email list is configured to safeguard anonymity by removing your personal email address from posts that you send to the email list. You can certainly share anything you like about yourself on-list, but the list itself will not "out you" - that is something you can do for yourself as you may wish but the list itself won't share the email address from which you posted, only whatever content you yourself intentionally provide.

What basic guidelines govern the use of the e-list?

The Progressives e-list is a no-flame, no-personal-attacks email list - you can attack ideas, but not people. If there's any conflict, please keep your more heated comments focused on ideas and never on people, on this list or otherwise. As this is a politically-focused email list, naturally people will eventually become a focus of someone's ire, so please separate out the actions of said person, their ideas, and refrain from personal vitriolic insults - this helps keep us all focused on what's important (policy!) and avoid unpleasantries.

Further, to help everyone be able to read all posts, everyone is requested to please only send posts to the list in "plain text".

... This means that you should turn off all "encoding". Please do not use mime, or html encoding.

Please note:

"ON-TOPIC" posts are anything supporting progressive politics, or attacking them. While off-topic posting happens, and should be gently tolerated, posting which is clearly antithetical to progressive politics MAY get you removed from the list. That isn't to say concerns aren't on-topic, they are, so long as your posting isn't openly hostile to progressive policies; if your really a right-winger, either keep that point to yourself or this isn't the list for you and please save us the trouble of kicking you off the list and just go elsewhere. We are interested in simply helping support progressive politics and as you to keep your non-constructive negative thoughts to yourself.

When are posts sent?

There are two possibilities. There's a so-called "live list " - all messages are sent to everyone immediately. The delay is only as long as the mail queue and network latency and should not be long. We also offer a 'Digest mode' in which a collection of messages is sent as a single email to those who request it, usually on a daily basis (presuming anything to send) or when the total number of messages reaches some pre-set size.

Subscribing and Un-Subscribing to the "Live" E-list:

To sign up, send an email to:
Include as the subject the word subscribe.

To unsubscribe, send an email to:
Include as the subject the word unsubscribe.

OR, instead of sending an email, use the web interface:


The posting address is simply:

Connecting directly to the email list management system:

E-list Trouble:

If you have any troubles, please contact the list administrator: Richard <at>

How do I change my email-address?

Unsubscribe and resubscribe! To unsubscribe, simply follow the procedure to subscribe but substitute 'unsubscribe' for the word 'subscribe'!