Copyright © 2016 - 2019, The Troy Press
Copyright © 2016 - 2019, The Troy Press

The Troy Press© is willing to take on new Progressive Voices. This article is NOT about content, merely the article submission process.

Applying to Become a Contributor

The Troy Press© uses an automated system for most of the actions Contributors make, and to make use of that system, the system has to know who you are and you have to be granted various permissions. Therefore, the first step is to "apply" to become a Contributor and after approval we will "teach" our system about you, so you can use the automation tools.

What we will need from you depends to some extent upon how you intend to contribute. The following list is a super-set of what you need to provide to us. We don't need quite all of this if you only want to help add to our Progressive News Summary, for example. To wit:

  1. Your name, which we will not publish without your permission. If you want to remain anonymous even from us, we'll have to discuss it.
  2. Your commenting handles (names); We need to have some confidence you're a progressive. Alternatively, you may give references to people we already know - current writers or regular commenters.
  3. Your Pen Name; This can be the same as either your actual name, a commenting handle, or something else. This is the name we will use to advertise your work on the web.
  4. A one paragraph biography. It can be short or long, several paragraphs or only one, but it should give readers some idea about your perspective, your frame of reference. Perhaps it indicates where you grew up, or something that happened in your experience. It's up to you. But we need something in the third-person.
  5. An introduction to your current focus. Where do you intend to go with your writing? What service do you intend to provide to readers? Again, this is up to you but it's in the first person, and should directly speak to readers. And again, this should be at least one modest paragraph, but could be longer.
  6. All email addresses you intend to submit articles from. This is so we can train the automation system to automatically recognize you and therefore put your work in the right spot in the system, attributing your articles to you, etc. Submissions from unknown email addresses are silently discarded.

Please send our editor an email providing this data so we can get started! The address is Editor at

Subsequent to that, format your work according to the guidelines below, and double check your work, please, then email it to us, as follows...