Copyright © 2016 - 2021, The Troy Press
Copyright © 2016 - 2021, The Troy Press

We have a SCOOP! TTP Is First To Report DRAMATIC Drop In Active Covid-19 Cases!

Our Automated Data Processing of the case data for the USA has revealed that YESTERDAY was the first time in the history of this pandemic that the number of new Active Cases plummeteddramatically, overwhelming new cases by over 20,000 in a single day!

CHART AT RIGHT: This chart was generated from data created from processing the daily case totals by The Troy Press's staff. You can find this full-size here.
The actual number of newly active cases was a whopping negative twenty thousand, five hundred and seventy one (-20,571)! This was driven not by deaths but primarily by an impressive number of recoveries - the number of recoveries in the preceding 24 hours was 41,743, while the number of new cases - NOT active - was a relatively low 22,802. Meanwhile, the number of deaths was 1,630. While those numbers may suggest that for that single day the odds of being dead vs cured was a not-so-great 3.9%, the bigger story is that we've had a new-case rate of around 31k per day since early April and yesterday's result was about 1/3 lower.

For those curious, the source data was from a world-recognized collector of Covid-19 data, Worldometer. You can find them here. We just processed the data into derivative forms they don't calculate.

The actual methodology was to collect the daily information on total confirmed cases, total deaths and total recoveries, and then from that compute the changes one day to the next. It's very straight-forward, and no statistical magic was applied. You can read up on all our Covid-19 related work here along with links regarding our data processing efforts, various other graphs we've generated, and even the raw original data AND all our processed data, so our work can easily be verified.

Overall, the data tells us the social-distancing and lock-down procedures are, overall working.

However, state-by-state conditions vary widely. We are working on expanding our work to apply to various US States and to other countries so that soon we may be able to get a better overall picture of where things stand regarding this pandemic. Stay Tuned!