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Copyright © 2016 - 2021, The Troy Press

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The Left / Right Dichotomy, the Meanings of Left, Right & Liberal, and U.S. Politics Today

By Art Richards
Published 20210314

This article primarily covers the origin and evolution of the political terms left, right, and liberal, right up to the present day in the USA, and the current political state we're in in 2021.

As has been brought up very many times, describing politics as a linear continuum of left versus right has a lot of problems. Yet, it is the singularly most pervasive method of describing politics in the USA, and so it's worth understanding it. Though various alternatives have been developed, they all leave something to be desired and many actually reinforce political misperceptions, so along the way, we'll cover some of these a little too.

EDITORIAL NOTE: This erudite work is likely to have something new to say for virtually every reader. It's long and thorough, with lots of citations and political analysis. And, the author gives a lot of personal insight into his biases and framing so the work can best be understood.

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