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Here are a few "biographies" of these folks:

Art Richards - Mr. Richards is a classically trained engineer and has served in the sciences since 1995 when he was invited to lead a research team at U.C. Berkeley. In his youth, his father was an Assistant Attorney General heading his state's environmental regulation department through the period of time the EPA was founded at the federal level. For a time, young Mr. Richards became in effect an unpaid staff member of the Attorney General's office, providing legal research assistance to the lawyers in the justice department and he took the opportunity to travel with his father and attend the many meetings around the country as the nation's environmentalists helped shape what became the Environmental Protection Agency.

Dragoon1-  Currently living in South Philadelphia (East Passyunk), Dragoon1 is an East Coast transplant. He moved here in the late 90s from the bowels of John Boehner-land, SW Ohio. He has a degree in Anthropology and a MLA; a passion for studying cultures, economics, politics and history. Also, when not battling neoliberal skulks, he enjoys photography (see, Instagram), playing music and sleeping. He lives with his two dogs.

Dread Pirate Bonny-  The Dread Pirate Bonny gets her moniker from William Goldman's The Princess Bride (the Dread Pirate Roberts) and Anne Bonny, the famous female pirate. Her heroes include Malcolm X, Bob Dylan, Noam Chomski, Jane Goodall, John Steinbeck, and Eugene V. Debs. She has a double bachelors degree in anthropology and history from the University of Florida. She is also a millennial who doesn't live in her parents basement.

Jeff Hoffman- An environmental activist since 1984, he has sympathized and empathized with wildlife and the natural environment from early childhood. Looking to the root of problems, he understands that unchecked human overpopulation is responsible for a great many of our world's ills. Another issue he recognizes is how many people feel that the earth and its contents are here for human exploitation without regard to what that means to the environment or other life.

To address these problems, Jeff joined Earth First!, worked for The Ecology Center of Berkeley and Greenpeace, and participated in environmental fights such as at the the Dine (Navajo) reservation at Big Mountain, Arizona where the Dine were being removed for the benefit of Peabody Coal to mine coal and uranium. Eventually, Jeff decided to become an environmental attorney, and discovered first hand the difficulties of earning a living that way.

Rich H.- Raised as a democrat in a household full of democratically active and locally elected parents, he believed in the American myth.  He has learned about the fallacy of this myth throughout my life and it's driven him to become more aware and active in policies and the politicians he supports.

Tiger Lily - A Lily for All Seasons; Tiger Lily is an aspiring writer and one founding members of Her interests include writing, politics, history, and animals. She has been a frequent commenter on many political news sites since 2012 and is well known for her usage of cat memes to express herself. A picture really is worth a thousand words.