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Art Richards' Articles

Bio: Mr. Richards is a classically trained engineer and has served in the sciences since 1995 when he was invited to lead a research team at U.C. Berkeley. In his youth, his father was an Assistant Attorney General heading his state's environmental regulation department through the period of time the EPA was founded at the federal level. For a time, young Mr. Richards became in effect an unpaid staff member of the Attorney General's office, providing legal research assistance to the lawyers in the justice department and he took the opportunity to travel with his father and attend the many meetings around the country as the nation's environmentalists helped shape what became the Environmental Protection Agency.

An introduction

Just starting out here, this is a new thing, so I'm still getting the hang of things.... I think I'll start by just making links to the latest article entry in reverse chronological order, newest first. At some point I'll probably do something different! My next articles will likely be based on what's in the news - that's the site's directive! But just to get my feet wet, I'm going to start with just a subject near and dear to progressive's hearts!